Garage Epoxy Floor and Cabinets Tustin

Garage Epoxy Floor and Cabinets in Tustin

Our clients in Tustin, Orange County chose Garage Masters to coat their garage epoxy floor with our epoxy system. They also had some high end custom cabinets installed. Having this done makes a huge difference turning their garage into a usable, clean and functional space.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Every epoxy garage floor Garage Masters lay down the concrete slab is mechanically ground for a couple of very important reasons.

  1. to get rid of all surface contaminations that have accumulated over time including paint over-spray, oil spills, day to day dirt etc.
  2.  to open up the pores of the concrete so the base coat epoxy will have a “wicking” process so that Garage Masters can offer the lifetime adhesion warranty.

This particular garage slab was in great shape and had no major cracks, divots or imperfections, therefore, the post grinding prep was minimum. The commercial grade grinder and vacuum that Garage Masters uses are the Husqvarna PG 450 grinder and the Husqvarna S26 vacuum as seen in the picture below.

Once the grinding is complete we lay down the base coat high solids epoxy and broadcast a 100% coverage of paint flakes. The floor color system the clients chose is called Dolphin. Then once the epoxy and chips have cured the excess chips are retrieved, the floor is scraped, vacuumed and the Polyaspartic top coat is applied.

The final product is a garage floor that looks awesome, is easy to clean, will perform and will last a very long time.

Garage Cabinets

Once the floor was complete we installed the cabinets the very next day. For all garage cabinet installs we do a 3D design so each and every customer can see a visual of how the cabinets will look.

Below are some pictures of before, during and after. The color chosen is called Negotiating Geneva. The handles are silver channel pulls. Here are some before, during and after pictures.

For more information or to arrange a free no-obligation estimate please call 1-833-3GARAGE or click on the button to fill in our contact me form.


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