4 Steps To Turn Your Garage Into A Festive Party Space For The Holidays

What a better place to have a holiday party than your garage? It’s typically the largest room in your home, it has great lighting and airflow, easy access and it prevents any damage or stains to your furniture or belongings inside the home. With a little bit of time and preparation you can turn your messy, disorganized space into a functional, fun party hall!

  1. Declutter Your Garage

  • Set aside a day or weekend to dedicate into decluttering and organizing your garage
  • Enlist family members or friends to help
  • Separate all items into piles such as keep, donate, sell and trash
  • Remove items to be trashed, sold or donated
  • Organize and store the remaining items
  • Store or temporarily remove large garage items such as equipment, vehicles, tools, etc.

  1. Use Cabinets and Overhead Storage

  • Get the most out of your space by using overhead storage to store large bulky items
  • Wall storage such as GearWall and GearTrack can be used to organize and display tools, equipment and sports items
  • Use sleek and durable garage storage such as Racing Red Gladiator Cabinet Series to store any dangerous items or things you would like out of sight

  Overhead Racks

  1. Clean and Protect Your Space

  • Remove dust and dirt from floor and walls
  • Paint your garage walls to give it a clean, crisp look
  • Use an epoxy floor coating with the color of your choice
  • Decorative chip epoxy floors are colorful, stain resistant, durable, slip resistant and perfect for the harsh conditions of your garage

  1. Decorate Your Space

  • Bring in fold out tables and chairs with festive table covers
  • Designated buffet area for food and drinks
  • Set up an ice box or refrigerator next to the buffet area stocked with your favorite soda’s, water’s and adult beverages
  • Hang up holiday lights and decorations around the perimeter of the garage
  • Make holiday center pieces for your tables with confetti and glitter
  • Bring in Bluetooth speakers that connect to your tablet or phone or connect to a wall mounted television
  • Prepare a holiday party playlist

Your garage space has now been cleaned, organized and decorated. It’s now time to invite family and neighbors and enjoy your garage festive party!

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