5 Ways To Organize And Store Your Holiday Decorations

Christmas is right around the corner! Get a head start on 2018 and with a well organized garage and a designated place for all of your holiday decor. Just think about all the time you wasted tracking down and rummaging through your decorations this year. Did you find everything? Was everything intact? Chances are some things didn’t make it through the year. Think of all the time and money you could have saved by preserving and organizing your decorations. There is no time like the present! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the game and make decorating a breeze next year by utilizing the space you have in your garage.

1. Use Storage Containers

Labeled plastic containers for Christmas decorations for garage storage

First of all, storage containers are a great way to separate and organize your holiday decorations. Ornaments and holiday items can be safely sealed and tucked away. Labeling your containers make finding certain items a breeze. You can use a label maker or utilize the many free printable label templates available online. Labeled containers not only looks great but helps preserve your precious belongings.

2. Use Overhead Racks

OnRax overhead garage storage for holiday decorations

Furthermore, overhead Racks, such as OnRax, are a great way to hide away those clear containers filled with your holiday décor. In addition, this is also a great place to store your Christmas tree. Holiday items will be up and out of the way and ready to be used next holiday season. When it comes time to retrieve those items they are easy to access. These heavy-duty racks can hold up to 600lbs, are rodent proof and are powder coated white to match the ceiling.

3. Add Garage Cabinets

Also, garage Cabinets from Gladiator GarageWorks are a great addition to your garage. Gladiator cabinets are tough and durable and are made to withstand the harsh conditions of your garage. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. The GearDrawerGearBox, or GearLocker would be a perfect additional to your garage and a great place to store your Christmas decorations.

Gladiator GarageWorks Cabinet set in Silver Tread includes GearLocker, GearBox and GearDrawer for garage storage

4. Utilize Wall Storage 

You have used the ceiling, and added cabinets now finish it off and use the walls as storage. Some great examples of wall storage are GearWall, GearTrack and GridWall. This ensures that you get the absolute most out of the space you have available in your garage. This is a great way to declutter and display your items in your garage. GridWall makes sure your decorations stay put until you’re ready to use them in your holiday displays.

GridWall garage wall storage with cabinets and epoxy garage floor

5. Take Pictures and Leave Directions

Finally, another great way to save time next year is to take pictures of your decorations and displays. It usually takes quite a bit of time and effort to get everything just right. Document your decoration layout with pictures and written directions before removing them this year. Take notes and be as concise as possible. The couple extra minutes you spend this year will be worth it when it comes to replicating it next year.

Example assembly instructions with pictures and written directions
Example Assembly Instructions

Now that you have your garage organized be ready to reap the benefits! Everything has its place and you are starting the new year off with a fresh start. As a result, finding your decorations next holiday season will be an absolute breeze and you will wish you did it sooner.

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